Organizers' actions to reduce waste

  • We are committed to eliminate the use of plastic pouches and utilize recycled paper and sustainable ink for our badges. 
  • We choose table-top exhibition style to reduce waste such as signs, stickers, carpeting and lighting, and save on energy as we reduce the spaces needed. 

Making changes to the conference method to reduce our Co2 Footprint 

  • We strive to accommodate 3-4 speakers to present remotely, which saves on average 1000 kg CO2-eq per person 

Accommodation choices

  • We promote and incentivize hotels based on their sustainable agenda 
  • We provide opportunities for attendees to offset their carbon footprint as part of their registration. 
  • We promote sustainable behavior of our attendees by selecting venues that are accessible via public transport. 

F&B at our conference

We encourage our vendor partners to: 

  • include sustainable food sourcing and reduction of food waste as part of RFPs and contracts 
  • strive and honor both cultural diversity and sustainable responsible consumption within their events through promoting seasonal, organic, and local products. 
  • We raise awareness amongst our stakeholders regarding food emissions, sustainable choices, and instant sustainable changes they can make.

Energy efficiency

  • To reduce the use of energy, we encourage to shift the average temperature of an event from 21°C to 24°C  


  • The unavoidable emissions of our event are cancelled using a recognized Carbon-offset program.