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The pandemic has thrown up many challenges both personal and professional, but also new opportunities to collaborate remotely, as PDA Chapters in SG/UK are now demonstrating. Indeed, the pandemic is in many ways only serving to accelerate technological innovations. These include not only remote working, but also new vaccine mRNA platform technologies, Artificial Intelligence adoption, machine learning to make use of the overwhelming amount of data our companies are gathering, automation via robotics, to name but a few.

Industry 4.0, "the new industrial revolution", is in fact not something coming in the future; it is already here. Companies will only continue to succeed and grow if they use these new technologies nimbly and with laser focus. It is not overdramatic to say that the inflection point is arriving, and the choice is between potentially exponential growth (Google style) against exponential decline (Kodak style).

Our regulators are now also starting to adapt to the new paradigm, with the FDA having just released their "Resiliency Roadmap for FDA Inspectional Oversight" this month (May 2021), where they are talking about "better supporting innovation related to our regulatory oversight role…..using next generation assessment technologies…..". Our industry and regulators are now accelerating on the topic of Quality 4.0 as well.

Four credible, reputable speakers will share their knowledge in this space in 3 presentations, followed by Q&A. PDA Singapore and UK Chapters invite you all to Register for this webinar. Come prepared to learn, with an open mind, what the future may bring.

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