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Assembly at the Lobby of Sheraton Grand Incheon
Move From Incheon To Pyeongtaek

Departure: Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel
- Company: Hanmi Pharm. (Bio plant)
- Adress: 114, Chupalsandan-ro, Paengseong-euop, Pyeongtak-si, Gyeonggi-do
(경기도 평택시 팽성읍 추팔산단로 114)

Note: transportation will be provided by Hanmi

Arrival at Hanmi Site and Networking

Proceed to the meeting room for networking and refreshments (Business card exchange and brief greetings)
Location: 4th Level, Administration Building, Hanmi Site
Note: Some refreshments will be provided by Hanmi

Introduction & Hanmi Presentation

Introduction of Hanmi and participants

Lunch Break

Lunch box provided by Hanmi
Location: Cafeteria on 4th Level

Facility Tour

Tour Site: Production Building II
Note: The visitors will be divided into groups during the tour.

Questions and Answers

Move from production building II to meeting room

Move from Pyeongtaek to Incheon

Departure from Hanmi Site and head towards Sheraton Grand Incheon
Note: Transportation provided by Hanmi